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Fall 2020/Winter 2021 Registration

Welcome back to The Dance Inn!  When Covid-19 interrupted our dance programming in March 2020, we experienced disbelief, insecurity and fear. We sheltered in place, and through Zoom, we danced in our driveways and living rooms. With caution, many of us have tentatively left our homes and ventured into more social activities. Here at The Dance Inn, we have been successful in keeping staff & students safe in the classroom and  have seen an increase in enrollment as more people saw the precautions we were taking. The following are what we currently have in place to protect our students from Covid-19.


Numerous safety precautions are in place to ensure that dancers can have their own 6x6 foot private dance space. These precautions include the following guidelines that have been recommended by the Lexington Board of Health. In addition, we are following the protocols put in place by the Munroe Center for the Arts. Visit their website at to see the full spectrum of actions being taken to safeguard you and your family.


In our classrooms and studio, we are taking the following steps:

1. Dancers and all staff are required to wear masks at all times.

2. Masks must be at least double-layered, must fit properly, and must cover the nose and mouth.  Gaiters, masks with ventilation, and kerchiefs are not allowed.

3. All students and staff are expected to use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands before entering the classroom.  Hand sanitizers are available at all entrances and in all classrooms.

4. Class times have been staggered to allow for safe distancing while entering and leaving the studio. Most classes are either 45 minutes or one hour.

5. A maximum of 7 students are assigned to classes in Studio A and 6 in Studio B. Studio C is the corner studio on the first floor of the Munroe Center and it is large enough to accommodate up to 12 students in 6x6 ft. blocks. Outdoor classes can have 18 students. These class sizes will be strictly adhered to so please register soon if you want to secure a space for you and/or your child to dance.

6.  Touch points in all classrooms and common areas, including the restroom, will be cleaned between classes and a complete professional cleaning will occur every evening.


Every class has the option to be live streamed on Zoom for anyone who wants to participate from home. Some classes have students registered virtually and are streamed every week but most classes don't have anyone registered so it is not always streamed but can be if someone changes their registration or needs to quarantine at home for any reason. 

Although we are disappointed to limit dancers to a confined space, we are excited to try new and creative approaches to teaching and choreographing. In particular, we look forward to the individual attention we will be able to offer each student.  We anticipate that our dancers will make remarkable progress with the small class size and we look forward to welcoming them back as members of our Dance Inn family. We know there may be interruptions to our plan, but we move forward with faith that, with mutual respect and strict adherence to the guidelines, we will dance together again!



Thelma and the staff of The Dance Inn

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