What is appropriate dance attire?

Students aged 3 - 18 MUST wear leotard, tights or dance pants, and appropriate dance shoes, with the exception of hip hop classes. Hip hop students do not need to wear a leotard & tights but should wear clothes that do not limit movement. Hair must be pulled back off the face if long. Please label shoes and outerwear. Check below or with the studio for specific shoe recommendations. No specific leotard color or style is required for tap, jazz or preschool classes, but please avoid tutu's. If skirts are worn they must not hang below the knee and we prefer them to be attached to the leotard. Boys are to wear white t-shirts and black dance pants or shorts. 


What shoes should I purchase for myself and/or my child?

Intro to Dance: 3 Year Intro, 4 Year Intro and Kindergarten

Pink Leather Ballet Shoe

Males – black ballet shoes

**Please note all female dancers should wear a leotard and tights to class, they may wear a light flowy skirt if it is attached to their leotard. We prefer ballet shoes without laces, any shoes with laces will be trimmed before the recital. We ask that the dancers do not wear tutus as they can be distracting.



Pink Leather Ballet Shoe

Beige Buckle Tap Shoe

Males – Black ballet shoes and Black lace tap shoes


TJB III, IV, TJB I for gr. 3-5, TJB II/III gr. 3-5

Beige Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Beige Buckle Tap Shoe

Males – Black jazz shoes and Black lace tap shoes


Hip Hop All Levels Male and Female Dancers:

Flat soled sneakers that are worn only for dance class. Similar styles to Vans, Addias, Converse, etc. No specific color or brand is required. Please ask us before buying if you're unsure of style.  


Teen Classes Male and Female Dancers:

Contemporary – bare feet or footsies

Jazz – Beige Split Sole Jazz Shoe(boys: black shoes)

Tap – Black Lace Up Tap

Hip Hop – Flat Soled Sneaker used exclusively for dance class

Where can I purchase my child's dance supplies?

The Dance Inn carries a variety of used shoes available for purchase or trade in.

Additional stores:


Michelson's (781-862-1034) in Lexington Center, michelsonshoes.com
Dancer's Image (617-964-4070) in Newton, dancersimage.com
Dance This Way (978-318-1960) in West Concord, dancethisway.com

Damien's Dancewear (978- 459-7300) in Chelmsford damiensdancewear.com