Director, Thelma Goldberg returns from Australia

Thelma Goldberg recently returned from a 20 day trip to Australia where she taught an Actor's Equity class in Sydney and then taught and performed in the Tap Rhythm Festival at the University of Ballarat, which is south of Melbourne.  Thelma taught students who were actors and singers as well as dancers.  In addition to training them in technique, she shared choreography recently seen in this year's recital, including Anything Goes, Singing in the Rain, and Mack the Knife.  The students loved the choreography and were outstanding in the end of the week showcase. 

The culminating experience was the tap concert at "The Majesty's Theatre" where Thelma performed along with David Wynen, Josh Hilberman and David's advanced students.  The concert, a first of its kind in their community, was a huge success and was met with calls for "Encore! Encore!"  This festival also launched a new tap education program, founded by David Wynen, that provides online tap instruction.  To see samples of this program, visit

In addition to the memories of experiencing the beautiful areas of Sydney and Melbourne, Thelma enjoyed a delightful afternoon of feeding kangaroos and hanging out with koala bears, teaching very talented and enthusiastic students, and performing in a fabulous show. She also says that the new friends she met will last a lifetime!  She's looking forward to as many new and exciting adventures as her passion for dance will bring her!  
















It has been my pleasure watching my daughter progress from a beginner dancer up to a Legacy dancer with great, supportive teachers.” —Parent

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