Adult Class Schedule - Fall classes begin September 11th


Nice and Easy

Monday 6 - 7 PM (Thelma)

Saturday 10 - 11AM (Nicole)

Beyond beginner - this class continues to develop fundamental tap skills with an emphasis on technique and musicality


Monday 7-8 PM (Thelma)
Friday 10:30-11:30am (Elana) starting Sept. 22nd 

We build on existing skills and develop more technique, clarity, and musicality


Monday 8-9 PM (Thelma)

We fine tune technique and work on strengthening overall tap skills with more complex rhythms

Tap with Shannon Sullivan at The Regent in Arlington

Contact for more information and rates


Thursday 6 - 7PM 

Beginner Tap Dancing is designed both for those dancers who have little or no experience and for those looking for a class to refresh their basic technique.  Beginner Tap seeks to introduce and refine the foundational steps of rhythm tap dancing while simultaneously joining these steps together in combinations. Using a variety of musical styles, students will also examine the relationship between music and the tap dancer. Tap shoes are strongly encouraged but not required. (Jazz tap, oxford-style shoes preferred.) 



Intermediate-Advanced/Intermediate Tap Dance is for students who already have a firm grasp of tap dancing fundamentals and would like to continue their training.  The emphasis will be on developing the skills necessary for increasingly intricate footwork and more advanced combinations and routines.  Tap shoes are required.  (Jazz Tap “oxford style” shoes preferred.)


Friday 9:30-10:30am Int/Adv (Elana)

Saturday 9:00-10:00am (Nicole)

Swinging, percussive moves - classic jazz dance! Great jazz music - easy to learn grooves.


TBD (SHORT SESSIONS TO BE SCHEDULED DURING THE YEAR) Pilates -  The perfect blend of Pilates Mat, Ballet Barre and Cardio!  Barre is a total body workout designed to cinch the waist, tone the arms and tighten the butt and thighs.  The workout incorporates small isometric movements performed at the Barre, Pilates Mat work and a cardio component to rev up your results!  The easy-to-follow pre-choreographed class routine is always set to fantastic music!  This class will focus on building strength and improving flexibility while creating longer, leaner muscle tone.  Using classical Pilates Mat exercises, clients will work towards a balanced body with a strong core, toned legs, firm upper body and improved posture.  Mat based classes are for all levels-beginners through advanced.

Hip Hop

TBD - This beginner level adult hip hop class starts off with a great warm up to fun upbeat music, then moves to across the floor and center technique work and ends with exciting choreography! Of course before we send you home there is nice cool down after a wonderful workout. If you are tried of your same workout routine add in some dance to your life, you will have so much fun you will forget your even working out!


TBD  - This class is designed to meet the individual needs of its students taking into account their emotional maturity, attention span, and developmental stage. The class offers instruction in jazz, hip hop and creative movement. The adaptive dance program for both children and adults builds skills in fostering independence, confidence, cooperation, increasing strength and coordination. The class allows a safe environment for kids and adults to foster friendships, and gain self esteem. Based on the class a decsion will be made regarding performing in The Dance Inn annual recital in March.

Drop-in to any of the above adult classes for $18.00, senior discount for 65+ $14.00

Purchase a class card at the office or online by clicking here!

10 classes for $150, senior discount $120 or 30 classes for $425.00, senior discount $300 (30-class cards are only offered in September and October) 



Saturday, Sept. 30 - Saturday, Nov. 11 

Beginner Jazz with Nicole 9:00-10:00am 

Beginner Tap with Nicole 10:00-11:00am 

Cost for each series: $90.00 – All 7 Classes
Cost for both series: $180.00 – All 14 Classes
$18.00 – Drop-in per class

*Receive 50% off this session if you have a child already registered in our Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session!


Personal training sessions for people who share similar fitness goals and would like fun and interesting ways to get healthy

For more information about conditioning classes, contact Leslie Salmon Jones at


Irish Dance for Adults with Rebecca McGowan at The Regent in Arlington, MA

Thursday: September 14 - December 14 (no class on September 21 and November 23)

6:00-7:00pm: Irish Dance for Adults - Continuing Dancers
7:00-7:30pm: Performance Group
7:30-8:30pm: Irish Dance for Adults - New Beginners

Get your feet moving with quick footwork danced to lively jigs and reels. Irish step dancing is energetic, graceful, precise, and fun. Learn solo steps and group ceili dances. We will begin with a thorough warmup and get a good workout through technique drills, while focusing on developing fluidity and musicality.

For more information contact Rebecca at or visit

The Dance Inn has a strong reputation in the dance community - it is well known for quality instruction, encourages talented young dancers by offering a pre-professional company opportunity, serves the young dancers and adult population as well. Thelma is a dedicated, passionate and effective teacher with a ton of knowledge.” —Parent

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