Costume Distribution and Class Observation Schedule

The Dance Inn is excited to welcome family and friends into the classroom this February for our annual Costume Distribution and Class Observatiob Day!

Your child's costume distribution and observation day are scheduled during thier regular class time. Please note that you will be staying for the entire lesson for important information regarding dress rehearsal and the recital. If you are unable to make this time please contact the office to set up an alternate time to pick up your child’s costume.

See the schedule below to find out when your dancers class observation day is:



→ Click here to view a larger Observation Schedule

The Dance Inn has a strong reputation in the dance community - it is well known for quality instruction, encourages talented young dancers by offering a pre-professional company opportunity, serves the young dancers and adult population as well. Thelma is a dedicated, passionate and effective teacher with a ton of knowledge.” —Parent

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